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Why do I do this?

What I know for sure…..

That this small business brings me a tremendous amount of joy. That I have never been one to shy away from hardwork, but that working with my couples does not for a minute feel like work.

From the moment we are contacted I begin to build a relationship with my clients and start getting a sense of what they are looking for. What is easy for me to do is to quickly begin to reassure them that whatever they are hoping to incorporate into their wedding day we can make it happen. I love matching them with the right photographer, pouring over their photos for florals and knowing that we can source them perfectly and stay within their budget. Learning the small details that will make their experience here completely personal and forever memorable.

Weddings should be simple celebrations. They should not cause financial stress, familial stress, relationship stress! There should be laughter, smiling, excitement and maybe some tears of joy and a bit of nerves. Your wedding day is all about marrying your person and I think these intimate ceremonies celebrate that.

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