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Why couples choose to have an intimate wedding ceremony…

Whether you have been married before or not you can likely easily come up with a dozen reasons why an intimate ceremony is the right choice for you;

Anxiety of being in front of a large group, Financial constraints, Guestlist stress - who needs to come? want to come? Should come? And yeah who shouldn’t come, but if they are not invited…...

In a nutshell - Family Obligational stress

Then of course the Organizational and Planning Stress an on and on….

Interestingly enough, as quick as we are to come up with the obviously, seemingly negative reasons, what we have found in our discussions is not negative at all. In fact our couples choose this route for entirely different reasons. And they are pretty positive!

What we are hearing in our conversations right from the beginning is that ‘they just want to get married’. They want to share this special day with their person, focusing on each other and the significance of this day. Making this experience more authentic and real for them, instead of getting lost in the details of a big ceremony.

With elopements and smaller, intimate ceremonies, couples have more time together to enjoy their wedding day. Even if they have included a few guests this seems to only enhance the connections felt that day. The gatherings with just a few of your closest friends and family allow for authentic conversations and real time spent together celebrating and sharing.

So, ‘kudos’ to our couples for holding their ground and choosing their own pathway. Just because you know your heart and the marital route you need to take doesn’t mean all of your friends and family that can’t celebrate with you will understand. So take a deep breath, remember the old adage ‘ sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission...and carry on! Years from now when you are celebrating your marriage you will be thankful to have done it your way.

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