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LOVE IS NOT CANCELLED, but the wedding industry as a whole has been halted to a grinding stop with future plans still uncertain. We are very happy to be able to support our couples by rescheduling, offering reassurances and of course refunding deposits.

We have been revamping the way we do things here at Carriage Lane making sure that when we get the green light we are off and mixed metaphors there - horse race? traffic lights? My point is that we are sanitizing, scouring, moving away from food prep and encouraging the use of popup food trucks on the property. We are kind of allowing the professionals to take over in order to guarantee all health regulations will be met. Of course the ‘Something Sweet’ & ‘Celebratory Cocktails’ have always been in the hands of our local professionals so this part will remain the same ….AMAZING!!!

Planning ahead for an all-inclusive waterfront wedding venue amidst the instability of a pandemic can be a bit tricky. We have already noticed that our costs look like they will need to increase for what we are projecting as the busiest wedding year ever! A simple ‘supply and demand’ scenario with multiple weddings moving from 2020 to 2021 along with the new engagements and those planning ‘the year in advance rule of thumb‘ all trying to find a date in 2021.

The advice we have been offering is to stay committed to what’s most important to you and your partner and that’s getting married! Consider live streaming, adding a videographer along with a photographer so you can create a wedding video to share or electronic gallery walk to send out to those guests that couldn’t be there due to our ‘new normal gathering limitations.’ Consider being really flexible with your date - look at every day of the week - except Saturday! Consider less utilized months like November through until March, these months traditionally have a fraction of the weddings. Have you seen the photos from a winter wedding - WOW! And no you don’t have to be outside the entire time!

Our world has changed and so have we - CHANGE IS GOOD it means we are moving forward. So as we go forward - remember the important stuff, stay open-minded, be flexible, CHOOSE KIND and know that


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