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Which side do I stand on at the altar?

Which side do I stand on at the altar?

Well traditionally the bride has stood on the left. As with many traditions though, times change and our reasons from the past are no longer necessary in the current day. Firstly maybe the ceremony doesn’t even have a bride !!! Maybe we have two brides. Whatever the case may be, this tradition does not need to be abided by.

In years past grooms had their intended on their left side during the nuptials to keep their right hand free. Since most men were commonly right handed, having the lady on the left at the altar, kept their ‘sword hand’ free to fend off any attackers ! It was not uncommon for a bride to be whisked away or “marriage by capture” by another suitor or even her own family members. Strange times for sure!

We have come a long way from those times - thankfully. Now for most ceremonies, unless following a religious tradition, couples can choose either side to stand on at the altar.

The discussion now might realistically focus on which side is better for the photo ops!

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