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COVID UPDATE 09/19/2020


That being said if you are a 2020 couple this has not been an easy year to navigate and it looks like things actually might even get more challenging. With a fair number of our planned and rescheduled weddings safely occurring throughout the summer months we find ourselves again dealing with a bit of a setback. We thought it was important to reassure our couples that as we navigate what’s next we continue to focus on the romance, the intimacy, the personalized service and most importantly the safety of you and your guests.

The following COVID protocols continue to be in place:

  • Monitoring and following the most up to date health guidelines and restrictions for our area. Currently, our numbers are reduced to 10 inside and 25 outside for the next 28 days. This will be re-evaluated after that time.

  • Providing our guests and vendors with adequate handwashing areas and hand sanitizing stations throughout the property.

  • Providing guests with medical-grade masks if they have forgotten or misplaced their own.

  • Ensuring that all high touchpoint services are cleaned and sanitized regularly.

  • All guestlist names are required prior to the wedding day for contact tracing.

  • All couples are given a COVID screening questionnaire to pass onto wedding guests so that a self-screening is done before arriving on property.

  • The outdoor ceremony area allows for adequate physical distancing.

  • Masks are mandatory indoors and when physical distancing is not possible outdoors. Vendors wear masks while performing services. Masks are removed when seated for makeup applications.

  • Bubble tables are created for guest beverages, complimentary toasting cocktails and sweets.

We thank you for your patience and your continued support. Stay safe.

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