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Why Winter Weddings are Amazing

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Winter Weddings are Amazing !

Here’s why …

•Our brides not only get to find a stunning wedding dress but can also find an accompanying shawl or wrap - LIKE LOOK AT TARA’S COMBO 🤩

•Guests really look forward to winter weddings as they have fewer events during that time

•Planning a winter wedding also means your wedding anniversary will be at a quiet time of year, which gives couples more of an opportunity to celebrate the occasion in the future.

*Comfy, cute boots…… YES!

** Photos like these ….. YES! Well you might want to source out the amazing team below that helped pull this magnificent winter wedding together perfectly ❄️❄️❄️❄️

So bring on the snow for a magical winter wedding experience. We absolutely love hosting romantic winter elopements at our 19 Carriage lane wedding studio. We offer 3 packages to choose from whether you are wanting a private intimate ceremony or hoping to share this moment with a small group of your closest family & friends.

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