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A very trendy, economical way to celebrate your nuptials is to participate in a ‘popup’ wedding. 

This idea of sharing the costs at a predetermined location can be a stress free, exciting approach to your day. All of the planning is basically handled and pulled together for you. From the location choice to the ceremony & event setup all of your wants and needs are set.


The onsite coordination of the officiant, photographer, flowers, music, food & drinks is all carefully crafted by our wedding planner. Couples will have the opportunity to meet and consult with the planner to make sure every detail is coordinated someone else!!! Basically all you have to do is commit to the date and location and choose your 2 hour time slot. Brides & brides, grooms & grooms, brides & grooms; basically walk in the doors all ready to go! 


This ‘popup’ concept allows couples to have the wonderful ceremony without all of the stress and hassle that goes with wedding planning. It also lends itself perfectly to a variety of post wedding options. Are you heading to a casual backyard BBQ, do you have reservations for you and your guests at one of our amazing local dining venues? Are you taking your entire gang out for a wine, beer, or cider tasting to celebrate the nuptials? Maybe your idea is to have the  limo ready and waiting to whisk you off to the airport …. the possibilities are endless. The necessary legal and stressful part of the day has been carefully handled, leaving you to enjoy and focus on your new life together.

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