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Our newly created outdoor ceremony site sits atop the grassy knoll overlooking The Shoreline. This romantic wonderland adjusts beautifully to the wonders of each season. Whether you prefer the gorgeous fall foliage with a gentle breeze or the glistening whitecaps from the lake in the warm summer weather; this area does not disappoint. Permanently staged, our outdoor wedding site is home to four solid oak church pews salvaged from the renovation of a church in Niagara. Our four-post arbour was built on site using 100 year old cedar fencing rails from a family property. We have also added a touch of rustic decor with our love for wine by adding oversized barrels courtesy of PEC’s Hinterland Estates Winery. Seasonal flowers filling mason jars and Edison light bulbs strung across the site are just a few of the simple details that illuminate the area and enhance this romantic, intimate ceremony site. To accommodate seating for all of our guests, we have a selection of white wooden ceremony chairs, and several antique garden benches that fill this area creating adequate seating for all of our package sizes. And yes, if you're lucky maybe a few swans in the background!

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