Planning an intimate wedding with your closest family and friends by your side may be the perfect choice for you. Many couples today may already have a shared living space, or purchased a home with their partner. Often families are a blend of past relationships with new. Whatever your scenario is the choice to unite together in matrimony is still a very special occasion and should only be embraced.


For many couples, the idea of having a large conventional wedding ceremony can be stressful and not at all how they see their special day unfolding. Focusing on the most important elements which are truly the steps you are taking to join together as one, is all that you need to think about.


What better way to celebrate the years you have spent together then to reaffirm your love and commitment  by saying "I do" all over again. As couples that have been together for a long time know, marriage is not always easy.  Renewing your vows is a wonderful way to recognize and celebrate the time that the two of you have shared together so far.  And does it get any more romantic then having the love of your life, after all of these years, pledge their love and devotion to you all over again. 

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