Choosing To Elope  ...


For many couples, the idea of having a large conventional wedding ceremony can be stressful and not at all how they see their special day unfolding. Historically 'to elope' means 'to escape'. At Carriage Lane we help you to escape from all of the planning and stress that weddings can create. All that you need to focus on is marrying the one you love and leave the rest to us. 


Our elopement package offers couples an inexpensive option suited to their personal preferences and individual style. We strive to make each and every wedding day truly memorable and unique without the stress. Just because you have chosen to keep your wedding private and intimate, possibly a secret, does not mean that the flowers, music, and vows are any less important. At Carriage Lane we handle everything for you so that you can simply enjoy your wedding day. 


For our couples only. 

Our one and only elopement package. All you need is two people in love, one officiant, and one marriage license. Marrying the one you love can be a simple stress-free ceremony that includes all of the magic - florals, music, celebratory cocktails, something sweet and your commitment to each other.


You walk in all ready to go, or you take your time prepping in our prep room. You have several ceremony settings to choose from to exchange your vows! Your officiant takes you through your personalized ceremony, we help with the witnesses and voila, you are legally married! Seal it with a kiss and then time to celebrate your ‘happily ever after’ and focus on your lives together.


Package Inclusions:​​

  • Licensed Wedding Officiant (+2 Witnesses)

  • Consultation with Officiant

  • Day of  Wedding Coordinator

  • Wedding Ceremony Site setup

  • Personalized Floral Bouquet + Boutonniere

  • Something Sweet -Mini Wedding Cake

  • Celebratory Cocktails (options available)

  • Artisanal Charcuterie platter

  • Personalized Ceremony Music

  • Prep room available for pre-ceremony prep

  • 2 hours onsite/use of property

Commitment Ceremonies

There are many reasons why couples may choose to have a commitment ceremony. With our current health situation where gatherings are limited and travel is restricted many couples are choosing to honour their wedding days and still pledge their love and commitment to one another.  This ceremony allows you to exchange vows, exchange rings and pledge your love to one another. Many larger ceremonies have been postponed, cancelled or just on hold indefinitely. A commitment ceremony celebrating the bond that you share is the perfect silver lining in a rather trying time or just a way to honour what you have.


This package includes everything that our elopements have without the need for witnesses or a marriage license. Commitment ceremonies are a wonderful way to celebrate your love for each other.


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Carriage Lane Elopements is not responsible/liable for any injury sustained on the property. We ensure the proper cleaning/disinfecting and maintenance of the property and contents at 19 Carriage Lane. Masks & sanitizer are always available for all guests.