Choosing To Elope  ...


For many couples, the idea of having a large conventional wedding ceremony can be stressful and not at all how they see their special day unfolding. Historically 'to elope' means 'to escape'. At Carriage Lane we help you to escape from all of the planning and stress that weddings can create. All that you need to focus on is marrying the one you love and leave the rest to us. 


Our elopement packages offer couples an inexpensive option suited to their personal preferences and individual style. We strive to make every wedding day truly memorable and unique without the stress. Just because you have chosen to keep your wedding private and intimate, possibly a secret does not mean that the flowers, music, and vows are any less important. At Carriage Lane we handle everything for you so that you can simply enjoy your wedding day. Our on-site all-inclusive packages offer an intimate, romantic personalized ceremony for two or for our couple and a few guests. For those wanting an even less stressful option without any formalities or ceremonial traditions, we offer a quick legal 'ceremony free' wedding.

Elopements & Micro Weddings 

Marrying the one you love can be as stress-free as it is romantic! Our elopement ceremony includes everything you need - the perfect setting, an easy-going and super friendly officiant, florals, music, personalized mini cake, artisanal platter and even a handcrafted personal memento.


You walk in all ready to go, or bring your 'wedding wear' and slip into your outfits onsite. You choose what works best for you - we recommend the least stressful option!


Prior to your ceremony, we will walk you through everything:

  • choosing your vows

  • getting your marriage license

  • floral preferences

  • music selections

Are you a naked cake connoisseur or more of an 'extra icing please' person? Do you have two favourite peeps that will witness the exchange of nuptials or do you need us to handle that too?


The small details that personalize your wedding ceremony are what we LOVE to focus on. Getting married is a time to celebrate, a time to focus on the next chapter in the love story of your lives together.

Leave the rest to us - We got this!

Elopements - $2000

What do you need?

  • two people in love

  • one officiant

  • one marriage license

  • two witnesses (we can even provide this)

Micro Weddings - $3000

What do you need?

  • two people in love

  • one officiant

  • one marriage license

  • a 'gaggle, flock, herd' of your nearest & dearest peeps (10 people)


What do you get with both of these packages?


Package inclusions:

  • Licensed Wedding Officiant

  • 2 Witnesses if needed

  • Consultation with Officiant

  • Day of  Wedding Coordinator

  • Wedding Ceremony staging & setup

  • Personalized Floral Bouquet + Boutonniere

  • Something Sweet Mini Wedding Cake

  • Artisanal Charcuterie platter

  • Personalized Ceremony Music

  • 1.5 hours of Professional Photography/Digital download

Let's Make it Legal
No Ceremony- $1000
(A Wedding to Go)

What do you legally have to do to get married?

Instructions below:

Approx time 30 minutes


Please complete the following five directions:

1. Get your Marriage License

2. Come here

3. Repeat after me, Sign this, Kiss each other

4. Laugh a bit

5. Smile - Insta snap x 20!

AND.... please grab your personalized "Wedding to Go Basket" filled with all sorts of Celebratory Goodies because that's it - you're married!

Let the honeymoon begin.

​​Package Inclusions:

  • Legal Paperwork processed

  • Wedding Officiant & Witnesses

  • To Go Wedding Basket

    • A fresh bouquet of seasonal flowers

    • Scented candle & vase

    • Artisanal platter & 2 plates & napkins

    • Bottle of sparkly, 2 glasses & opener

    • Something sweet mini cake & cutlery

    • 20 Mini - Insta quick snap Polaroid pics 

    • Cheesy “We do ... We did” personalized mementos